FallBan components carry a 1 year warranty which covers materials and workmanship. To keep this product in good working condition, inspect individual pieces often. During inspection, look for rust pits, loose bolts or nuts, dents, breaks, damage, etc. If a defective part is found, it should be taken out of commission IMMEDIATELY and replaced.

Damage to components from accidents or misuse will void the warranty.

Warranty is valid only with proof of purchase from an authorized dealer.

We, the manufacturers, cannot anticipate every possible circumstance that might involve a hazard. The warnings in the manual, on tags, and equipment are, therefore, not all inclusive. If using a procedure, work method, or installation technique that we, the manufacturers do not recommend, ensure that it is a safe alternate. Also make sure the procedure, work method or technique utilized does not render the FallBan system unsafe.

Powder coat paint is warranted against peeling for one year. Due to the nature of the powder coating process, interior walls of tubing are not coated sufficiently to prevent rust. Rust stains from uncoated surfaces may occur on the exterior of the tubes from rain or condensate.