FallBan 2 has been designed for the following uses.

United States OSHA and USACE – Three-cable or two-rail systems.

Canadian SOR – Two-cable or two-rail systems.

  • The rail barrier meets both US and Canadian regulatory safety standards.
  • The three-cable barrier meets both US and Canadian regulatory safety standards. However, the two-cable system is all that is necessary to meet Canadian safety standards.

We want to tell you about the improvements we’ve made in the New FallBan System components. We’ve also made a few changes to differentiate between our new parts and the previous marketed products.

  • The New FallBan contains stainless-steel with factory applied Anti-Seize on working threads. All adjustable threaded parts are now stainless-steel to minimize rusting, corrosion, and seizing.
  • The Stanchions, Diagonal Brace, Extension Bar, and Parapet Clamps now have added drainage holes to prevent destructive expansion from freezing water.
  • On the stanchions we’ve modified the radius on corners and added an additional adjustment  hole for Diagonal Brace attachment.
  • On the Mid Braces we've corrected the angle, changed the top cable attachment hole to better fit the cables, added stainless steel threaded components and reshaped the drainage hole.
  • Corner Roller Assembly, Stanchion Support Plates and Anchor Plates all have a different radius on corners and minor changes.
  • FallBan is now available in the standard US (OSHA) version with 3 cables and a Canadian (SOR) version with only 2 cables; we also have an adaptor to convert the standard 3 cable stanchion to 2 cables (for use in Canada).
  • A simple weight attachment can be used to assure proper cable tension.

Other additions are a Toe Board attachment and a swivel for the Diagonal Brace attachment, simplifying the installation process on virtually any leading edge angle.

Toe Board Adapter

Toe boards aren’t always required on Perimeter Fall Protection Systems but there are many instances where having the boards could and would increase safety.

Fallban Toe Board adapters can now be installed on FallBan Stanchions and Mid Braces to secure lumber as a toe board to contain hand tools, debris, materials, etc.

Swivel for Diagonal Brace attachment. 

This swivel is used to attach the Diagonal Brace to the FallBan stanchions and can be adjusted for non 90-degree corners and angle changes on the roof surface. The swivel is also used to install Diagonal brace when using the Canadian 2 cable adapter.

Weight for tensioning Cables.

FallBan Storage Pallet

Compact pallet for ease of transport and organization.