New Key Improvements

We want to tell you about the improvements we’ve made in the New FallBan System components. We’ve also made a few changes to differentiate between our new parts and the previous marketed products.

  • The New FallBan contains stainless-steel with factory applied Anti-Seize on working threads. All adjustable threaded parts are now stainless-steel to minimize rusting, corrosion, and seizing.
  • The Stanchions, Diagonal Brace, Extension Bar, and Parapet Clamps now have added drainage holes to prevent destructive expansion from freezing water.
  • On the stanchions we’ve modified the radius on corners and added an additional adjustment  hole for Diagonal Brace attachment.
  • On the Mid Braces we've corrected the angle, changed the top cable attachment hole to better fit the cables, added stainless steel threaded components and reshaped the drainage hole.
  • Corner Roller Assembly, Stanchion Support Plates and Anchor Plates all have a different radius on corners and minor changes.
  • FallBan is now available in the standard US (OSHA) version with 3 cables and a Canadian (SOR) version with only 2 cables; we also have an adaptor to convert the standard 3 cable stanchion to 2 cables (for use in Canada).
  • A simple weight attachment can be used to assure proper cable tension.

Other additions are a Toe Board attachment and a swivel for the Diagonal Brace attachment, simplifying the installation process on virtually any leading edge angle.